What service is available?
  • Weekly
  • 1 x month (First week of the month only)
  • And On Call (must call 24 hours in advance to be added to route)
What time should the roll carts be placed out?
  • Put out your cans the night before or by 6am so you don't miss a pick up.
  • No rocks, bungee cords or straps on lids.
Does it matter how they are placed at the end of the driveways?
  • Place within 3 ft. of the road and 4 ft. from any object.
  • Have the lid opening facing the road.
What is an extra garbage charge?
  • Lids up more than 3-4 inches are considered overfull and will incur additional charges.
  • As will an extra bag or can.
Is yard debris service a part of your garbage service?
  • No
  • There is a limb/manure dump open seasonally during weekends on Sand Ridge Rd.
Can sizes available:
  • 35 Gallon
  • 65 Gallon
  • 95 Gallon

Crooked River Sanitary
13918 SW Commercial Loop Rd
Terrebonne, OR 97760

(541) 548-1542

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