How do I sign up for new garbage service? Call, email, leave a message or drop by the office during business hours
What service is available? Weekly, 1xmonth and On Call
How do I change or stop my garbage service? Call, email, leave a message or drop by the office during business hours.
What time should the roll carts be place out and does it matter how they are placed at the end of the driveways? Put out your cans by 6am so you don't miss a pick up. Place within 3 ft of the road and 4 ft from any object. No rocks, bungee cords or straps on lids. Have the lid opening facing the road.
I'm going on vacation, can I temporarily stop service? NO
What is your holiday schedule? Garbage service is the same as usual except for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Notification will be on the website and billing.
What do I do if my pickup was missed or not set out in time? Contact the office
Will you take large or bulky items? No
What is an extra garbage charge? Lids up more than 3-4 inches are considered overfull and will incur additional charges. As will an extra bag or can
What shouldn't go in my garbage roll cart? Hot Ashes, Paint cans with wet product in them. Florescent bulbs.
Do you provide drop boxes or dumpsters? No, contact High Country Disposal or Madras Sanitary Service.
Is yard debris service a part of your garbage service? No There is a limb/manure dump open seasonally during weekends on Sand Ridge Rd
What areas do you provide service? Crooked River Ranch


What is your billing cycle? Services are billed at the end of the month for that month. Payment is due the following month by the 15th.
What are your payment options and locations? We take payments here at the office during office hours. You can pay online through our website. We also have a locked drop box out by the road.

Crooked River Sanitary
13918 SW Commercial Loop Rd
Terrebonne, OR 97760

(541) 548-1542

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